BLU Dash 5.0 D410a Unlocked Dual SIM GSM Phone (Black)

Excellent Smart Phone, October 25, 2014
Excellent phone for the price its offered. It works on android and all app are available. Have bought many of these phones for friends and they love it. The big screen is advantageous and the clarity it pretty good. The phone comes with a usb cable, wall adaptor, screen protector and a case too. So you do not need to invest in a case or screen protector. Also works internationally and is dual sim. Totally an awesome smart phone for its price range.

Five Stars, October 24, 2014
works perfect

Five Stars, October 24, 2014
el teléfono es bastante rápido y tiene todo lo que necesito en un teléfono. contenta con mi compra.

works great.., October 24, 2014
Received item new in box and on great...picture the size....will order from seller again...

The price is good and the phone works well, October 24, 2014
The price is good and the phone works well. Dual sims is another reasons why I bought four for friends

One Star, October 24, 2014
I dont buy it

Four Stars, October 24, 2014
I love this phone!

Five Stars, October 24, 2014
Meet all d expectations

This is a very fantastic phone for the price, June 18, 2014
This is an additional review to go along with my pictures. Ive only owned this phone for about a day now. Ill start from the beginning. UPS got here around 5 with my box. I opened it to see the phone box and with my additionally separately ordered 16 GB micro SD card. I unboxed the phone, wasnt surprised about all the contents inside of it since i had watched many videos of unboxing BLU phones on youtube. I was surprised of the quality of the case. Its silicon but a HARD silicon. Its not going to protect the face of the phone very much though. It also came with a screen protector which i found very difficult to install, mainly because i do not like lining everything up correctly. The screen protector along with the case will just keep the phone clean in my opinion.

Now it also came with a USB charging/syncing cable along with a wall adapter. With the case on it, the only thing that will fit through the little port would be the USB cable that came with it. if you want to use a separate USB cable you would have to remove the case.

The back casing of this phone (the thing that covers the battery and components) is very thin and i was afraid of taking it off because it felt like it would just snap. So it was difficult to take off.

Booting up the phone wasnt a problem it was very standard. it took about a minute to get the phone up and running.

This phone has a lot of customizations, just like any android. You can change your wallpaper easily, theres moving wallpapers, static, you can change your text message background you can do just about anything.

Ive compared this phone to the samsung galaxy note 2 and the samsung galaxy 3. There isnt much of a different other than the camera quality and internal memory.

this phone is very smooth it runs smooth and i havent had any trouble with it so far so ill update it if i run into anything.
Oh and today i charged my phone untill 100% around 10am and now its 8pm and its only at 70% and ive been using it regularly although i should say it does help to have your screen at 50% or less.

A good phone - BLU Dash 5.0 D410a Unlocked Dual SIM GSM Phone, February 10, 2014
I have the phone for about a week. It shipped fast. The package came with no bubble wrap or any type of protection.
Now about the phone, so far so good. This replaced my 11 month old generic android China phone I also ordered here in Amazon.

Pros: - I'm not an App addict so with a 32GB microSD installed, the space/memory on this phone is good enough for my needs
- I installed a few games (not 3D) the phone can run them well and I'm able to move all the games & apps to the SD card
- It can play all my mp4 movies smoothly up to 960x540 resolution. Volume is good & loud
- No touch screen problems like freezing, going blank, rebooting etc like I read on other reviews on Blu cell phones.
- The screen is bright, responsive and as for angle viewing, I find no issues with it, as I don't look at the phone
sideways to often
- Battery life is excellent compared to my other phone. With light calls, chatting, gaming by the end of the day, it still has
67% left.
- The plastic case & screen protector are a nice bonus.
- The phone itself looks very good, nice & thin and it doesn't look cheap. Also the headphone 3.5mm jack works!

Cons: - The phone I received was in a sealed box but the white paint was "chipped" at the upper corner. Must be a defect.
(I'll upload some pictures to show this) it's a small chip, but still frustrating to see on a brand new phone!
- No spare battery like my old generic android China phone.
- The screen protector was also defective. It looks like it was folded at the bottom corner
- Besides the provided case no other case fits BLU Dash 5.0 and that's a shame.
- The touch screen is very sensitive on the lower right side. Holding the phone on the sides keeps selecting the contact icon
- Playback lag on 720p & 1080p mp4

All in all I like the phone. It functions just as it should. I am hoping that it will last longer than my 11 month old generic android phone before it gives me any problems. I'm using a prepaid service on a T-Mobile network. There are areas where I get 3g hspa speeds. The phone itself has lots of ringtones & wallpapers installed, some my find that as a good thing as for me I don't like any of the ringtones or the wallpaper, I'm using my own. I hope BLU will release an update for Android Kit-Kat 4.4 on this phone, that would be awesome!

--- JULY 2014 update: The phone is still alive & kicking after 6mos and I'm glad to see there are now a few cases & screen protectors for this phone that is a plus! The battery is still holding despite the warm weather. Well worth the $129 I paid for it!!!